About Us


FMLeatherDesigns is a company dedicated to bringing you products made only from the finest quality leathers available. Our main products are tailored with love using only full-grain and top-grain leather, mostly cowhide, horsehide, and lambskin from France and Italy.  We also specialize in custom requests using any special type of leather such as ostrich skin, alligator, or snake skin for example.

Full-grain leather is the highest tier in quality, as it is normally much more durable than other leathers. Our products will still look and feel just as good after 5 and even 10 years of use. Full-grain leather is one that has not been sanded down to remove any blemishes before it goes into the tanning process. In other words, once the hair is removed, the entire thickness of the skin is used. This would allow for the skin’s original characteristics and important oil absorbing properties to stay within the leather over time, creating the highest and purest quality product available.

Top-grain leather is also a very high quality of leather used mostly in handbags and other smaller products. Top-grain leather allows for a thinner and more workable leather for certain products like shirts, bags, and other accessories. This gives our products a sleek and polished look, all while not sacrificing the integrity of the leather we use. Know that any product made here at FMLeather is truly made with the most durable and pure European leather available for purchase.

***Disclaimer: Many people ask about “Genuine Leather” when regarding leather types. Leather that has had certain spots corrected with an artificial grain are referred to as Genuine leather, since the main leather used is still authentic. Genuine leather is also a type of leather that’s had the top grain/top layer and the suede/bottom layer removed from the hide before tanning. Although what is left is still a genuine piece of leather, you sacrifice the strength and longevity of the product made with this type of leather.


FMLeatherDesigns started 15 years ago in a basement in Queens NYC, with nothing but determination, skill, and integrity. Felix knew that with his 30+ years of experience in tailoring with a specialty in leather, he could deliver a new type of product and service to people. He slowly built his clientele using his knowledge in crafting high quality leather products and a genuine desire to bring his customers the product they dream of. He hoped the quality of his products can speak for itself and attract more people, and thankfully it did. Felix’s vision is to give everyone a product that shows his integrity and makes them feel like family with the service he provides. Felix is a hard-working man who puts his family first, and this is something everyone will feel as he can’t help but make all his customers feel like family as well.